Rustic Folding Desk

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Wood stain information

'Modern Clear' Our lightest finish - Polyx oil - Matt.

'Rustic Clear' Mix of oils and water resistant varnish- Satin.

'Amber' Brings out wood grain - Polyx oil - Matt.

'Dark Oak' Brings out wood grain - Polyx oil - Matt.

'Ebony' Our darkest finish - Polyx oil- Matt.

Desk information

These desks are made to order and may differ each time making every order unique. They all have beautiful finish and from scaffold boards with previous life markings such as dents small cracks saw and nail marks.

Brackets information

Brackets are solid stainless steel 2pcs 16 inch, load can take approx 80kg if supported correctly. Please see last picture for installation. Once up these are easy to fold, just press both levers for easy to completely fold in within 3 seconds. I would recommend some DIY experience to put these up. These brackets give a lovely floating effect very modern finish. You must have a solid brick wall to support the weight of your desk.

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